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Monsterverse is dedicated to bringing
you the very best in Horror Comics!

Monsterverse wants to publish your horror comics!

If you have a horror series, limited series, one-shot or graphic novel looking for a home, Monsterverse wants the chance to be your publisher. We are looking for well written and drawn creator-owned works of horror which will help us reach our eventual goal of becoming the premier publisher of horror and monster comics. We currently publish BELA LUGOSI'S TALES FROM THE GRAVE and the acclaimed graphic novel series FLESH AND BLOOD. We are making a concentrated effort to expand our line so we are extending a special offer in an attempt to attract the best projects and creators. On projects which we accept, all net profits will go to the book's creators after the printing, shipping and advertising costs, plus a nominal publishing fee, are repaid from the first profits. However, unlike some other publishers, our publishing fee will not be thousands of dollars above actual costs, leaving creators little chance of ever being paid for their work, for a limited time, our fee will be a super-low $500! That amount will most likely not even cover the real costs of our time and labor. It is merely to allow us a chance to show a small profit, at least on paper, as we continue to grow and build the Monsterverse brand. Once the actual cost of creating the physical book has been recouped and the publishing fee taken out,100% of the net profit will be paid to the creators. And, of course, the creators retain all rights to the work.

The publisher and editor-in-chief of Monsterverse is yours truly, Kerry Gammill, artist of many Marvel and DC comics of the '80s and '90s such as SUPERMAN, POWERMAN AND IRON FIST, THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF INDIANA JONES, MARVEL TEAM-UP and many more. I also worked on several movies and TV series such as VIRUS, SPECIES 2, PHANTOMS, THE OUTER LIMITS, TREMORS THE SERIES and STARGATE SG-1, designing creatures and aliens. I am a life-long fan of horror movies and comics and after spending several years in the soul-devouring world of advertising and promotions, I decided to return to both comics and horror by creating Monsterverse with the help of some talented friends. I'm very proud of what we have done so far, but it's been a lot of hard work. As an artist-turned-publisher/business owner, getting this dream company off the ground has been slow and sometimes painful. But with several publications under our belts, working with such top names as John Cassaday, Steve Niles, Bruce Timm, Robert Tinnell, Neil Vokes, Dan Brereton, Bill Sienkiewicz, Basil Gogos, Rick Baker, Dave Hartman, Lowell Isaac, John Lucas, Mike Dubisch, Benton Jew, Henry Mayo, Terry Wolfinger, Jack Herman, James Groman, Bob Hall, Brian Denham, Mike Hoffman, Terry Beatty, Martin Powell, James Farr, Chris Moreno, Rafael Navarro, Nik Poliwko, Mark Finn, Ed Polgardy, Rob Brown, Kamil Kochanski, Carlos Valenzuela and others, we now feel that we have this comics publishing thing down and are ready to take Monsterverse to the next level. But to succeed, we need you, our fellow horror writers, artists and entrepreneurs.

Since we are still a small, independent company in an over-crowded market, we are currently unable to offer up-front page rates for creator-owned work. We can't even promise the books will make a profit, but we are making what we feel is an exceptional offer for creators who can produce quality, cutting edge horror comics, who want to own 100% of their work and who want to have their work published by a quality publisher dedicated to becoming the top horror brand in comics. Kickstarter projects are welcome under the same terms. Create your own campaign, raise your funds, and then let Monsterverse handle the publishing at the same $500-over-cost arrangement.

Also, although we are primarily interested in creator-owned work at this time, we are also open to viewing artists' samples for possible paid work on various Monsterverse-owned projects that are now in the planning stages. We are seeking only professional-level artists, adept at atmospheric and horrific visual story-telling.

So bring us your monsters, your vampires, your zombies and your ghouls. If they are gruesome and creepy and terrifying enough for the Monsterverse banner, then we want you! Send all inquiries, submissions and samples to: submissions@monsterverse.com

Thank you

Kerry Gammill
Monsterverse Comics


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